Dolce & Gabbana Collection Lace Pattern

PicMonkey Collage

Crocheting lace pattern is always funny and entertaining. It is the best way to add a soft touch to any outfit. Today on we have a pleasure to introduce you very beautiful lace pattern from Dolce & Gabbana Collection, 2013. You can use it in designing skirts, jackets and many other clothes. You will probably agree that this lace motif is very attractive, elegant and sophisticated. With help of this lace stitch you will highlight your individuality and your look will be fantastic and fashionable. So try to do it right now and make something very special for yourself or a friend. Pattern is well-explained and includes diagrams and photos. We’d like to say thanks to the author of this amazing project and we hope you will enjoy! Happy crocheting!!! Be stylish!!!

Click here for pattern

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