Celtic Knot Motif

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It is always interesting to learn how to make different motifs. Today on our friendly blog we will show you how to crochet very beautiful Celtic motif for tablecloth,blanket and may other projects. It is time to learn this unique motif with helpful pattern. It is the best project for relaxation after a long, busy day. This elegant, well-ornamented square will be perfect addition to any crocheter’s collection. So if you are ready for new challenge and if you would like to make something very special for yourself or for your beloved ones, you should definitely try making this beautiful square motif.  If you wish to brighten up any room in your adobe, then you need to try out this cute square motif. No matter what kind of accessory you will gonna make in the future, any of them will look fantastically on you. We wish you happy crocheting!!!

Click here for pattern

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