Waffle Weave Stitch Baby Blanket


Hi crochet lovers around the world!!! Today we have selected easy and lovely Waffle Weave Stitch Baby Blanket video instruction. This gorgeous blanket will be passed down from generation to generation and it will be very special for your posterity, because it will be crocheted by you. It is excellent choice to make our babies happy and provide them with maximum level of comfort. You have a chance to surround your little angel with this beautiful blanket or you can crochet it as a gift. You are free to make it with any yarn and hook size you prefer. Also you can choose your favorite color. For example pink for a girl, blue for a baby boy or neutral. The video tutorial is explained clearly, step by step,we hope you will find it interesting and start crocheting right now. It is the best way to express your love to your baby.

Click here for video tutorial

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