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In the modern world, there are many hobbies. However, one of the most distinguished, popular and much beloved for us is the crochet. It is the form of art, which expresses person’s inner world, individualism, culture and of course the taste.

People with a different perspective join crochet making and become skilled in it. We are going to give a short discussion on reasons to what motivates crochet makers:

1. Useful work combined with pleasure – Many of us make useful items such as: clothes, different accessories, house decorations, etc. Afterwards, the work is used according to its function or given to loved ones as a present.

2. Relaxation and lifting one’s spirit – Probably, everybody will agree that our everyday life is filled with stress. To do thing you love is the best method to overcome stress. It is scientifically proven, that crochets making helps a person to relax and let go of negative emotions. Therefore more Crochet, less stress!!!

3. Creativity– As we have mentioned above this extraordinary hobby helps a person to express inner world and emotions. It enables her/him to freely use colors, technique, design, samples that we desire.

4. Charity– some individuals start a crochet for charitable purposes, so that with there hand made items they can help different organizations that help children, adults or whoever needs a helping hand.

With the reasons mentioned above you will surely find yourself, however, of course there could be many other reasons existing.

Our friendly blog serves to popularize crochet making so that people spend more time on it. We will frequently offer you different crochet patterns found by us and we hope it will aid you spending your time productively and pleasantly.

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