Crochet Your name (Alphabet A-Z)

PicMonkey Collage

Today on we have found very entertaining, funny and useful pattern for you, which you can start doing with your friends, family members and  especially with children. It is the best way to keep children busy and to combine useful and pleasurable activity. We are sure this process will be amusing. This crochet alphabet pattern is illustrated very clearly, step by step and making every letter is explained separately. We’d like to express our gratitude and say big thanks to and to the author of this project Tamara Kelly. You can use this crocheted letters as a party or children’s bedroom decoration, as a baby toy. You can also help your child to improve his/her reading skills. So, this letters can have unlimited uses. You can use your favorite colors and crochet it at any size. We wholeheartedly wish you happy crocheting!!!!

Click here for pattern

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