Bolster and Star Pillow


Home design and interior is very important for us. Would you like to change something in your home? would you like to link your personality to your home decor? So, this adorable bright colored pillow pattern is just for you. Today
we’d like to introduce you beautiful and lovely pillows.You have an opportunity to take an ordinary pillow and transform it into something very beautiful,which will look on perfect and will give more coziness  to your bedroom, living room or even to the kitchen.You can combine different colors according to your home decor.I crocheted it several times  in different colors for my bedroom and living room. I used black and red yarns for living room,because these colors show more can’t even imagine how this small pillows have changed my home decor,but in bedroom I used the colors shown on the picture and i’d like to tell you that these ones are very cozy,bright and warm,this design will amaze also your children and guests.You can crochet it for your friends and close people , and it will be the great gift for all,pattern is very well explained and step by step,so you can easily understand it and crochet quickly.
it’s not  difficult and impossible,  Good luck to you with these amazing project, enjoy yourself and share your experience with other people.

Here you can find Pattern for Bolster and star Pillow

 Click Here For Pattern

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