5 Beautiful Poncho Designs

Ponchos are very useful and beautiful clothing that we all love. Today at pretty-hour.com we want to show you five great and one of the best crocheted poncho designs. There are warm ponchos, ones that just look more beautiful and some that have both qualities. We’ve searched these designs for you and you will love at least one of them. We can easily say that poncho will look great on many type of clothing and shoes. They are definitely going to make your everyday life more comfortable and cozy. You can shop ponchos or can simply search for free patterns available online and learn to make them by yourself.

#1. “Gaucho” Crochet Poncho with detachable collar. This poncho is warm and will be useful on cold winter days.


#2. “Bohemian Blues” poncho. As you see on picture this poncho is not as warm as “Gaucho” one, sp can wear it over shorts on a beach or maybe on a picnic.


#3. Raffinement poncho is more classic than others. You can choose another colors and make it more colorful.


#4. This beautiful and colorful poncho is in Inca style and also very warm and comfortable. Native American spirit is definitely seen and felt in this particular poncho design and for that it may easily become your favorite.


#5. And last design we have searched for you is summer poncho with granny squares. A beautiful piece you can wear pretty much on any given time period.


We hope that you will enjoy this post and fall in love at list with one of the ponchos. We will be glad to help you to make your everyday life more comfortable and beautiful. Thank you.

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