Happy Picnics and BBQs

We all love making picnics and BBQ s during holidays or at weekends,with our friends,relatives or close people. It is the best way for rest and relaxation.  Planning free time activities is very funny and entertaining process. We are sure many of you are going to enjoy the summer and the same time to take your handmade crocheted belongings with you outdoors. You will feel very proud of yourself  and make everyone happy.   Today www.crochet-ideas.com we decided to introduce you three perfect patterns for your picnics and BBQ s.

1. Take a seat – these beautiful and cozy seats will make you and your family feel very comfortable in the park, in the yard, on the beach or on the rooftop. Also you can sit on this beautiful crocheted item  on the ground in the sunshade and read books,chatting or just enjoying beautiful views.

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2. Picnic and BBQ basket-this crocheted adorable basket will truly be your practical decision to hold plenty of necessities,which you will definitely need for your outdoor activities. Fill the crocheted basket with disposable plates, packed food, cups, containers and napkins. If it is romantic picnic you can put in it bottle of wine. You can choose and combine different colors.

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3. Roll and Go placements – this lovely placement will be very useful and comfortable for your outdoor activities. You can place forks, knives and spoons in it.


Now everything should be in order and you can go out and enjoy your holiday or weekends with your favorable people and make memories.

We wish you all happy weekends and holidays!

Live Love and Crochet!

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